The Best and Worst Games When It Comes to Casino Game Odds

During the Summer, there is one absolute promise Casino Game and that is that there will be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people visiting casinos right around the world. This is inevitable every year when the sun shines its brightest as it adds to the overall effect of what defines a holiday. Whether it be visiting Las Vegas’ golden casino resorts, taking a gambling cruise, or just visiting your local casino for some fun, somewhere someone’s is going to make a lot of money. In that same breath someone’s also going to lose a lot of money, because think about it… If you win, the casino loses. If the casino wins, sorry, you lose.

That is why it is important to know the many different games offered at the casino and also what it takes to play them at either low or high stakes. It is also quite important to choose the game that has the highest probability of winning. Unless you’re a risk taker, want to lose money or didn’t have much brain to start with. 

Find an edge in your game

First and foremost, the games that will provide you with the best odds are not the slot machines. Although it might seem much easier to pull a lever and become a millionaire, that is not the case. The probability of winning with a slot machine is far less than any other game in the casino. Now, with every gambling game, there are always some sort of added risk, but choosing the correct game to play, could at least minimize that risk and provide you with the necessary edge to win.

Become an observer

Although the slots might seem much safer than the table games, the best given advice would be to stop doing and start observing. The top three card games that could possibly bring you some moola at the casino are the very famous Blackjack, Craps and Roulette.


In most casinos, blackjack is a popular talked-about game, but few take the chance to play it. However, it is known to have the best probability of winning. It is also not as risky as you would think, as you earn your winnings by playing against a dealer and no expert in the general poker game. It is also one of the easiest gambling games to play.


Play a dice game. First observe off course.It is the gambling game that will provide the second-best odds. Though it can seem a bit intimidating, the game is as easy as landing the dice correctly with a dice-roll.


What’s your lucky number? It’s as simple as betting on your favourite and if the dealer spins and your number appear, you win. Give the man a chance to spin and win.

These gambling options are only as risky as you perceive it to be. The next time you visit your local casino, step away from the slots and improve your chances of winning. Be a risk taker.

Post Author: Neil Parker